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1262 chemin de Mille-Isles, J0R 1A0
Phone: 450-438-2958 or 1-866-438-2958
Fax: 450-438-6157

Opening hours of the municipal office

Monday to Friday • From 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Municipal employees

Sarah Channell, General Director
Ext. 2620

Marie Poupier, Assistant General Director
Ext. 2611

Andrée-Ann LaRocque, Urban planning and environment director
Ext. 2602

Alain Charbonneau, Fire department Director
Ext. 2603

Marc Auclair, Municipal Public Work
Ext. 2605

Chrystine Slight, Secretary Receptionist
Ext. 2600

Sonia Legault, Accounting Clerk
Ext. 2601

Nathalie Bouchard, Head of Environment and Municipal Leisure Activities
Ext. 2608

David Roy, Inspector in Urban planning and environment
Ext. 2607

*POSTE VACANT*, Director Municipal Public Work
Ext. 2609

Stéphanie Robitaille, Temporary Secretary-Treasurer/Clerk
Ext. 2610


It is best to make an appointment with the person you want to meet so you avoid unnecessary travel.


To reach the public works at any time, please call

1 (855) 599-2486 and leave a voicemail or a numeric message.

IMPORTANT : Please leave your NAME and PHONE NUMBER, if not, no follow up can be done.