Congratulations to Miel’O’Max inc. de Mille-Isles

The MRC d’Argenteuil proudly unveiled the local winners of the 20th edition of the OSEntreprendre Challenge. In the presence of several local actors brought together to promote entrepreneurial initiatives, the MRC emphasized the audacity of those who dared becoming an entrepreneur. Two companies won the honors in their respective category and will represent the MRC d’Argenteuil at the regional gala:

  • LLE Technologies from Saint-André-d’Argenteuil in the Business Services category

The company specializes in high-resolution site characterization. This service, which is offered to environmental consulting companies, makes it possible to detect, in real time in the field, the presence of contaminants in the soil and to better identify the soil zones to be treated. These technologies are effective for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hydrocarbons.

  • Miel O’Max inc. from Mille-Isles in the Bioalimentaire category

Miel’O’Max’s mission is the continuity, protection and production of apicultural products and services to ensure the development of bees. The company wants to serve beekeeping in the region, but also throughout Quebec.


Source: MRC d’Argenteuil