DOA will do the Grand Défi Québec-Oiseaux.

DOA will do the Grand Défi Québec-Oiseaux.

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For the first year, DOA will participate in the Grand Défi Québec-Oiseaux. The purpose of this activity is to observe as many bird species as possible in 24 consecutive hours during the month of May. The goal is to raise funds by being sponsored by supporters such as our FRIENDS, our personal acquaintances or members of our families. The donations are collected on the Québec-Oiseaux site and at the end of the activity, the distribution of the donations collected by our team will be as follows: 50% will go for ornithological projects at Québec-Oiseaux and 50% will go to DOA for our study project on chimney swifts in Argenteuil.

The name of our team is “Faucon Gagne” and will consist of Jacques Bouvier, Christine Trudeau and France Desbiens, DOA FRIENDS, Denis Corbeil, President of DOA and Martin Picard, Director General of DOA. It will be the first experience in Argenteuil and our goal is to observe 115 species in 24 hours. We will do our Grand Défi at the end of May.

To sponsor us, nothing simpler, you just have to go on the site of Quebec-Oiseaux by clicking on the following link:

By sponsoring us, you become eligible to win a prize.

The more donations we collect, the sooner we will be able to complete our chimney swift study and apply for an external grant.

Thank you for supporting us.