FREE – Outdoors Muscu-Cardio (Tuesday & Thursday from 6 pm to 7 pm)

Twenty-four bodybuilding are offered in Mille-Isles on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Classes begin at 6:15 pm.

This muscular training is offered at the Mille-Isles Town Hall, 1262 chemin de Mille-Isles until June 20.

Throughout the summer and when the weather allows, we will continue our training outdoor in Hammond Rodgers Park. We will meet in the parking lot next to the skating rink.

The classes are FREE, offered to people of all ages and a variety of movements will be proposed to you during the muscular circuits. If you have a heart condition or bone joint problems and you are over 69 years of age, you should consult your doctor before starting this activity.

You can register at any time during the summer by attending one of the classes. You only need a water bottle and a floor mat.

Hope to see you!