Municipal evaluations

Assessment Roll

The municipal assessment roll is a summary of the inventory of all properties (buildings and land) within the territory of Mille-Isles.

The municipality is responsible for evaluating all buildings on its territory. Evaluators are responsible for assessing all residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural properties at their market value.

Citizens can locate their properties and visualize the information available on the assessment roll:

• Property evaluation
• the dimensions of a property
• batch and serial numbers
• the zoning where the property is located

A request can be made by the adress, registration number or cadastral number.

Access for the General Public and Citizens


Access for Notaries and Professionals

All professionals must now go through this portal, for any requests concerning evaluation notice, confirmation of taxes, balance of taxes, etc. We no longer give information at the counter, by fax or telephone.

The information is kept up-to-date on a regular basis, and in some cases, the information queried by the professionals is real-time.