Traffic management

One of the challenges of the Municipality of Mille-Isles is, without a doubt, the concerns that citizens have regarding safety during travel and development of the territory. In order to respond to citizens’ concerns, the Municipality provides a traffic management request form.

This form allows citizens to identify a problem with regard to traffic management and to request the implementation of moderation measures for the safety of road users.

The four steps process:

  1. The application must be filed by a citizen residing in Mille-Isles;
  2. The applicant must complete and sign the Traffic Management Application Form;
  3. The form must be sent to the Public Works Department at 1262, Mille-Isles Road, Mille-Isles (Québec) J0R 1A0 or by email at;
  4. The request will be analyzed by the Public Works Department in order to assess the problematic area and verify the need for intervention.

Treatment process if there is a need for intervention:

  1. The Public Works Department will prepare a justification and feasibility study to be submitted to the general management for analysis;
  2. Following the analysis, the general management will submit a recommendation to the municipal council;
  3. If the municipal council approves the recommendation of the study project, the Municipality will take charge of the promotion and implementation of the traffic mitigation measures adopted.