Municipal regulations

Legal Notice

The Municipality of Mille-Isles does not guarantee up to the minute accuracy of bylaws contained on this site, nor does it accept any responsibility for any differences between the version on this site and the official version.

To view relevant text or clauses, please consult the official version at the municipal office by dialing 450-438-2958


A by-law must be used when required by law. A notice of motion, explaining the purpose of the by-law, must be introduced at an earlier meeting by a Council member. This notice informs Council members and the public that a by-law will be submitted for adoption by Council. The by-law is subject to adoption procedures and in some cases, approval, under penalty of nullity. For a by-law to enter into force, its adoption must be made public by a notice published in the manner prescribed by law. A by-law comes into force on the day of publication of the notice unless otherwise stated.

Municipal by-laws are available in french only.

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