New residents


We are pleased to welcome you as new residents in our beautiful Municipality rich in nature and green spaces.

To facilitate your arrival and integration into our Municipality, we have created this section specially designed for you, with information on the services offered and the resources available.

In addition, our website is constantly evolving and you can contribute to its expansion by sending us your suggestions by e-mail to Darina Bélanger at

Access to lakes

The territory of the Municipality of Mille-Isles is dotted with numerous lakes inhabited by shoreline property owners. The land bordering our lakes is privately owned. As a result, there is no public access to a lake on the Municipality’s territory.


In order to reinforce animal control on the territory and the safety of people, dog owners are required to respect municipal regulations. As a dog owner, you must consult the dog control section in order to obtain a free dog tag and familiarize yourself with the municipal regulations.


The Municipality of Mille-Isles has four (4) little outdoor libraries on its territory where you can drop off or borrow books. For more information, we invite you to consult the parks and recreational facilities section.

In addition, if you are a resident of the Municipality and you use the services of a nearby library, such as Morin-Heights, Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Colomban, Saint-Sauveur or Lachute, you are eligible for a refund of $20 per year. In order to benefit from this return, you must provide us with the original receipt from the library as well as your surname, first name and address. Our offices are located at 1262 de Mille-Isles Road, Mille-Isles, Quebec, J0R 1A0.

Residual material collection

Collection Calendar

The residual material collection schedule is submitted with the municipal tax bill at the beginning of each year. However, this calendar is available on the Municipality’s website in the Residual materials section.

Garbage and recycling bins

Garbage and recycling containers have been standardized throughout the Municipality of Mille-Isles since January 1, 2018.

Your receptacle must match the following description or they will not be picked up:

Garbage bin
Description: rolling with handles
Volume: 240 liters or 360 liters
Colors: green, black or gray

Recycling bin
Description: rolling with handles
Volume: 360 liters
Color : blue

You can purchase the bins at a retailer or at the Municipality by contacting Chrystine Slight at or at 450 438-2958 ext. 2600. The cost of the bin is $125 taxes included for a 360-litre container and delivery is free.

The main objective of By-law 2016-03 is to ensure the proper functioning of residual material collections, to introduce source separation, to respect the principles of recovery and to rely on citizen participation.

Collection of bulky objects

A bulky item collection service is offered once a month. The dates are indicated on the collection calendar sent with your tax bill or on the website of the Municipality in the Residual materials section. You will find in the same section the criteria that must be met in order for your bulky objects to be collected.


The Municipality of Mille-Isles encourages composting in order to reduce landfilling and revalorize organic materials. Adopting the domestic composting bin and using the community containers for voluntary contribution, is taking a concrete action to return your organic materials to the earth. In addition, making your own compost is a simple and ecological method that can be summed up in a few steps.

For more information, we invite you to consult the Residual materials section. You will find in the same section useful information to make a good compost.

Construction or renovation

Undertaking new construction or home renovations can be planned. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, you must first obtain the necessary permit. You can obtain the permit application forms by downloading them from our website in the regulations section permits and certificats.

Community involvement and volunteerism

To get involved in your community, please contact Camille Dion, Recreation Manager at 450 438-2958 ext. 2615 or by e-mail at This way, you will be able to meet other people who, like you, want to take action and improve your community.

Communication tools with citizens

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Real estate transfer

The duties on real estate transfers, commonly known as the “welcome tax”, are imposed upon the acquisition of a building, even if the new owner already has a building in our Municipality.

The transfer tax is payable in one instalment, 30 days after the issue of the invoice.

To find out more, we invite you to browse through the section Real Estate Transfer Tax.

Community organizations

The Municipality makes available a list of community organizations offering services in the area. This recognition makes a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of citizens.

For more information, we invite you to browse through the community organizations section or contact Camille Dion at 450 438-2958 ext. 2615 or by email at

Municipal taxes

Municipal taxes are payable in installments without interest if the due dates indicated on the notice of assessment are met. Otherwise, interest (15% per annum) will be charged on your outstanding monthly payments.

Consult the municipal taxes section for terms and due dates.

School taxes

Each year, school boards mail school tax bills to property owners. It is your responsibility to verify the school board serving your area and their payment methods. Here are the three (3) school boards covering our territory: Sir Wilfrid Laurier school board, Laurentian school board and Rivière-du-Nord school board. This invoice cannot be paid to the Municipality of Mille-Isles.