Contract management

In accordance with the laws in force, every municipal body must publish and maintain a list of contracts entered into by the Municipality that involve an expenditure of at least $25,000 (with some exceptions). This requirement is essentially intended to ensure transparency and equality between the various bidders, by excluding any notion of favouritism, undue advantage, collusion and malfeasance. This list can be consulted by accessing the Système électronique d’appel d’offres (SEAO) website.

We also invite any person who intends to contract with the Municipality to review By-law 2020-06 regarding contract management (french only) as well as the 2023 Annual Report regarding the application of By-law 2020-06 (french only). Any questions regarding these documents should be forwarded to the general management of the Municipality.

In addition, the lists of all contracts involving an expenditure of more than $2,000 with the same co-contractor, when all these contracts involve a total expenditure of more than $25,000, entered intothe same fiscal year are available in the Budgets and reports section of the Municipality’s website.

Finally, you can read about the Municipality’s procedure for receiving and reviewing complaints made in the context of the awarding of a contract in the Policies section of the Municipality’s website.

Other previous annual reports - Application of contract management regulations (in French only)