Municipal operations

Powers and expertise

Municipalities have powers delegated to them under the laws passed by the National Assembly of Quebec to meet the needs of their population. They cannot override these powers nor delegate them to others unless expressly permitted by law.

Roles and composition of the council

The municipal council represents the population and makes decisions on the directions, prioritises and the actions required of the municipality. The assembly of the municipal council represents the place where municipal democracy is exercised. The elected representatives take decisions in the form of resolutions or by-laws carried at assembly meetings.

Council work meetings
Council work meetings are meetings that allow elected representatives to agree on the agenda, to examine in depth certain issues and have discussions on subjects that require further thought. However, no official decision can be taken at these meetings since they are not public.

If you want to learn more

For more information on municipal operations, you can consult the “Welcome and Reference Guide for Newly Elected Municipal Officials” on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Regions (French only).