Environmental Code

The Municipality of Mille-Isles had enacted an Environmental Code in 2014 in order to be proactive when it comes to the environment. Its main objective is the preservation of this beautiful territory rich in biodiversity and natural landscapes that make up the municipality. This code is used to communicate common values to which the population adheres. Here are the guidelines that the Municipality wishes to take by adopting an environmental code:

  • Ensure public health and a good quality of life through efficient services for citizens;
  • Protect sensitive areas, biodiversity and land resources;
  • Foster community involvement, consensus and collaboration among partners;
  • Reduce sources of pollutants and their environmental impacts;
  • Set an example, serve as a model and innovate.

You will see set objectives established, in progress and some to achieve. It is by working together to implement the objectives of the Code that we will continue to build a municipality that resembles us.