Dead leaves

The beautiful color season brings its share of work, especially with regard to the management of dead leaves. You must know that no bags (paper or plastic) filled with dead leaves will be collected at the roadside.

So what to do with all your leaves?

  • Take advantage of this opportunity to do some foliage. This technique consists of leaving the leaves crushed by the lawn mower on the ground. They will decompose and offer a richness to your soil and your lawn;
  • Transform the leaves into humus. In a corner, pile up the leaves and wet them. In the spring, they will have decomposed and you can spread the material at the foot of shrubs or in your garden;
  • Use your dead leaves as insulation to protect your plants from winter frost;
  • Put the leaves to compost. We would like to remind you that community composting containers are available on the territory of the Municipality;

These containers are located:

  • at the Town Hall;
  • at the intersection of Tamaracouta Road and Black Road;
  • at the intersection of Mille-Isles Road and Côte Saint-Joseph;
  • at the intersection of Lac Hughes Road and Route 329;
  • at the intersection of Tamaracouta Road and Côte Saint-Gabriel;
  • at the entrance of Scraire Road.

Finally, avoid burning them out of ecological awareness and for safety reasons.