Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) is a body mandated by Municipal Council to provide advice on planning and development applications submitted to it in the matter of town planning and land use. The committee is composed of at least one member of Municipal Council and residents appointed by resolution of Municipal Council. The term of office for citizen members is two years and is renewable.

2024 calendar in French for the Planning Advisory Committee (CCU)

Members of the committee

Elected member: Diane Bélair
Alternate elected member: Julie Léveillée
Resident member and president: Dominique Montminy
Resident member: Charles Lapointe
Resident member: Jean-François Foucault
Resident member: Laurent Thouin
Resident member: Lise Perreault
Resident member: Mario Durocher
Resident member: Ginette Mayer

Role of the Committee

The PAC is a working group which studies and submits recommendations on town planning, zoning, subdivision and construction matters in accordance with the Law on land use planning and development.

The recommendations and opinions of the PAC allow the Municipal Council to benefit from the contribution of elected officials and citizens, who can express their experience of life in the municipality and their particular concerns for the development of their territory. The establishment of a PAC therefore brings citizens closer to urban planning issues.

Although the PAC is fundamentally an advisory and non-decision-making body, it nevertheless plays an undeniable role in the planning and administration mission of the municipal territory. In fact, in recent years, the role of the PAC has become extremely important in planning and administration of municipal territory, particularly since the legislator established as an essential condition for approval:

  • a minor exemption;
  • a development plan;
  • a site planning and architectural integration program (SPAIP);
  • a request for authorization of a conditional use or a particular construction, modification or occupation project for an immovable;
  • construction or subdivision projects due to certain constraints;
  • that the Municipal Council has obtained prior advice from its PAC in order to exercise its decision-making authority.