Local Heritage Council

The Local Heritage Council (LHC) is mandated by Municipal Council to provide advice on heritage-related applications. The committee is composed of at least one member of Municipal Council and residents appointed by resolution of Municipal Council. The term of office for citizen members is two years and is renewable.

Members of the committee

Elected member: Cassandre Lescarbeau
Resident member: Lise Perreault
Resident member: Louise Desmarais
Resident member: Charles Lapointe

Role of the Committee

The Local Heritage Council (LHC) is a committee of the Municipality of Mille-Isles whose mandate is to advise the Municipal Council on matters of heritage protection, conservation and enhancement. In addition, the Local Heritage Council seeks to raise public awareness of the value of our local heritage.


The Local Heritage Council would like to enrich its archives. Whether it be photos, videos or heritage items that have marked our history. We invite you to fill out the archival donation form and bring it with your archives to Town Hall or, if you prefer, you can email them to Gabriel Therrien by email at gtherrien@mille-isles.ca.

In order to help us, we would be grateful if you could identify the people, place and year on each picture or video.

By-law number 2020-05

By-law 2020-05 concerning the designation of a portion of the Tamaracouta Scout Reserve as a Heritage Site – SIGNED (French only)

Final Evaluation Report – January 2021

Heritage Evaluation of Camp Scout Tamaracouta – Page 1 to 66 (French only)

Heritage Evaluation of Tamaracouta Scout Camp – Page 67 to 125 (French only)