Community organizations

The Municipality makes available a list of community organizations offering services in the area. This recognition brings a significant contribution to improving citizens’ quality of life.

Café Partage

The economical grocery store offered by Café Partage is a great alternative to food shopping. It allows the people who use it to do their grocery shopping at a lower cost on a regular basis. This service is available all year round.

Food is delivered to Town Hall every other Thursday starting at 1:45 p.m. Please note that it is important to pick up your order before 4:30 p.m. the same day.

Here is the list of food and products offered by the organization. However, prices may vary according to promotions and the level of supply and demand.

In order to ensure a balanced diet, Café Partage offers a variety of affordable and comforting ready-to-eat dishes from this list (menu in French only).

Just as the economic grocery and home meals, baskets of fruits and vegetables are also available at $14, $18 or $22. The proposed formats vary according to needs and the content cannot be personalized or modified.

To take advantage of this service, simply contact Claudine Caron at 450-562-0987 or by email at  The order must be placed one week before the scheduled delivery

Centre d'action bénévole d'Argenteuil - CAB

Through its activities and service programs for individuals or those of its collaborating organizations, the Centre d’action bénévole d’Argenteuil actively participates in the improvement of individual and collective quality of life. Whether it is by promoting the autonomy of individuals and their maintenance in their natural living environment, or by helping individuals and their families through difficult times, or by promoting the development and integration of different groups in the community.

Elaborate services such as :

• Accompaniment – Transportation;
• Meals on wheels and frozen meals;
• Volunteer Services and Resources;
• Organizational Services and Resources;
• Caregiver Services and Resources;
• Friendship visit and safe phones.

Do not hesitate to contact them:

450 562-7447

Centre d'entraide d'Argenteuil

Need food assistance?

The Centre d’entraide d’Argenteuil helps low-income people get food for free. In order to obtain this service, a request for food aid must be made.

To do this, you must complete these three steps:

Step 1: Contact Ms. Hélène Messier at 450-562-5151, Ext. 101 to make an appointment.

Step 2: Have the following documents at your meeting:

  • proof of income for each adult living at the same address (current year’s taxes or social assistance papers);
  • Proof of residence for all individuals 18 years of age and older (a bill, driver’s license or social assistance stub);
  • For families, a document indicating that they have dependent children (family allowance paper or drug card).

Step 3: After your acceptance, you must pick up your food at Gore Municipal Park, located at 45 Cambria Road in Gore, on Thursdays between 1:45 p.m. and 2:15 p.m.

Finally, here is the list of maximum incomes. However, please note that all cases are unique and that there are resources for each situation.

Maximum incomes (french only)

Citad'Elle de Lachute

Domestic violence

December 2, 2020, the elected officials of the Municipality of Mille-Isles proclaimed the Municipality “Allied against conjugal violence“. This is an awareness campaign initiated by the group of houses for women victims of domestic violence and its members.

Citad’Elle is a non-profit organization located in Lachute that has been helping women victims of conjugal violence and their children for more than 30 years. Their services are entirely free and offered 365 days a year, and include temporary housing, appointment support and training and awareness workshops for youth, adults and health and social professionals.

Open and safe 24/7.
SOS Domestic Violence 1-800-363-9010

Anyone who witnesses a serious incident of conjugal violence must report it to the Sûreté du Québec at 450-562-2442 or by e-mail at The report can be made anonymously.

Coup de pouce Argenteuil

Since 2010, the Coup de pouce Argenteuil solidarity cooperative has distinguished itself through its professional domestic and personal assistance services.

Whether it is for occasional work when spring arrives, such as window washing, or for regular housekeeping, Coup de pouce Argenteuil meets important needs of the population, at costs adapted to the income of the person who calls upon the cooperative. Personal assistance services are also available, including bathing assistance. Indeed, in many situations, especially for seniors who wish to remain in their home or apartment as long as possible, it is often precious and desirable to have the help of someone who can prepare meals, run errands or offer a few hours of respite to the person who is caring for a loved one.

Any person 18 years of age or older, residing in one of the nine municipalities of the MRC is eligible for Coup de pouce Argenteuil services. The fee varies according to the type of service. To obtain a personalized assistance plan, contact Coup de pouce Argenteuil personnel at 450-562-9993.

Maison de la famille

The Maison de la famille Au cœur des générations d’Argenteuil is a welcoming place whose mission is to promote the development of the child, to support the parents in their challenges and mobilize all members of the community to improve the quality of life of families.

The organization offers free services to the Argenteuil population such as (French only):

To register your child, you must contact the Maison de la Famille at 450-562-0503. It is also possible to join them via their Facebook page or by email at

Maison populaire d'Argenteuil

The mission of the Maison populaire d’Argenteuil is to raise community awareness of to the problems of illiteracy in the region and to offer literacy services to people seeking support.

To take advantage of their service, simply contact Ms. Martine Mantha by phone at 450 562-1996.

Mouvement personne d'abord

Information coming soon

PAIR Program

The PAIR program is a free automated daily call service that reaches seniors out to ensure their safety and good health. Enrollees receive a call at pre-determined times, one or more times per day, depending on their request. Registration is voluntary.

Answering the call indicates that the individual is not in distress and able to call 911 if they do need help.

How does the service work?

A call system communicates with the subscriber on a daily basis and at the subscriber’s convenience, during the hours of operation of the service. A recorded message is played and the caller simply confirms that they have received the call by pressing a button on their phone.

If the subscriber does not answer, the automated system will attempt two more calls, with five minutes between each call. After the third call, if there is still no answer, the system will trigger an alert. At this point, steps will be taken to have someone (a family member, friend, neighbor or police officer) go to the location to verify the situation. This is why it is important to be present at the agreed upon and predetermined time.

Who can benefit from the PAIR program?

Any aging person or person in loss of autonomy who resides in one of the local municipalities of the Argenteuil MRC.

For information or registration

Contact Darina Bélanger at 450-438-2958, Ext. 2610.

Prévoyance envers les aînés des Laurentides

Prévoyance envers les aînés des Laurentides offers, with the support of a network of volunteer help and support (Sentinelles), free and confidential services to seniors facing situations of vulnerability, abuse or mistreatment. The organization provides support, advice and accompaniment to seniors experiencing concerns or facing various problems that affect their quality of life or their autonomy. Prévoyance is an excellent resource for loved ones who are concerned about a senior’s situation. Referring a senior to the services of Prévoyance allows him or her to regain peace of mind and maintain their independence by enabling them to remain at home as long as possible with the help of services available in the community.

Do not hesitate to contact them to refer a senior or to obtain more information on their services:


4 Korners

4KornersStrengthening Community vitality in the Laurentians

4Korners is a registered Canadian charitable organization founded in 2005. We connect individuals of the Laurentians with programs and services to meet their identified needs in a secure and inclusive environment. We work collectively to serve and enrich the lives of communities in the Laurentian region.

4Korners offers a wide range of programs for the Laurentian English-speaking population that focus on healthy lifestyles, mental health, foster creativity, and provide support for youth, families, individuals, seniors and caregivers of the elderly.

Do not hesitate to contact them: