Urban plan

The Urban Development Plan is one of the most important documents within a municipality. It is the basis for urban development decisions, since any construction within the territory must comply with the urban development plan. There is, however, no obligation for its realization by elected municipal officials. The Urban Development Plan gives an overview of the current state of the municipality, inventories the territory and indicates what Mille-Isles, as a municipality, will tend to do in the coming years.

In order to participate in the vision of the territory’s development over the next few years and to maintain this shared vision based on the preservation of the natural and rural settings, four (4) main orientations have been developed:

  1. Ensure a balance between the vocations of the territory and the preservation of the rural character of Mille-Isles while consolidating the village hamlet.
  2. Protect the natural environment, landscape and heritage.
  3. Foster the citizens mobility and maintain adequate services.
  4. Highlight the territory and the community.

In order to be realized, each of these orientations is accompanied by concrete actions. In all cases, the municipality must renew the regional requirements of MRC d’Argenteuil’s revised development plan through its urban planning regulations (french only).