Events and activities

Christmas Party

In December, the Municipality invites the families to visit with Santa Claus! Come and enjoy the great outdoors on a horse-drawn sleigh ride, a snack in good company, then meet Santa and receive a gift. Children must be enrolled to receive their gift. Young people must be registered for the activity in order to receive their gift.

Registration completed

This year Santa Claus will be coming on December 6, 2020. The deadline to register your children is November 17.

*However, we must adjust the course of the event in order to respect the government guidelines that will be put in place on that day. It will therefore be important to monitor our publications via our Facebook page, our website as well as our Newsletter in order to receive all the details. Note that families registered for the event will be contacted by email or by phone.

Firefighters Food Drive

Year after year, firefighters visit homes during the day of the food drive to collect donations and non-perishable food.

This year, the firefighter’s food drive will take place on Saturday, November 21, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. However, the door-to-door collection procedure has been reviewed and adapted to the current context of COVID-19. In order to ensure the health and safety of all, citizens of Mille-Isles are invited to come and carry non-perishable food items or to make a cash donation through a drivethru service. Teams of volunteers will collect food and donations directly at the cars, without direct contact with the donors.

Here are the four (4) locations that will be available to you:

  1. At the intersection of Hector Road and Scraire Road;
  2. At the intersection of Côte Saint-Gabriel and Tamaracouta Road;
  3. At the intersection of Black Road and Mille-Isles Road;
  4. At the intersection of Riddell Road and Mille-Isles Road.

On the same day, a home collection service will be offered to citizens with special circumstances (reduced mobility or no means of transport). These persons are invited to call 450 431-2012 to inform the volunteer firefighters and benefit from this assistance.

To assist the firefighters on this day, please contact Mr. Alain Charbonneau at

You can also bring your non-perishable food items and donations directly to Town Hall during business hours until November 20 inclusively.

This annual collection consists of supporting the Centre d’entraide d’Argenteuil in its mission to help people in a situation of food insecurity. Last year, Mille-Isles firefighters’ food drive collected more than 25 food baskets and close to $1,353.00, which helped soften the holidays for several dozen families.

Mille-Isles celebration and environment day

Every year, you have the opportunity to enjoy the Mille-Isles celebration and environment day for free. This day dedicated to the residents aims to create a gathering moment where it is allowed to meet the majority of the municipal staff, to discover craftsmen and to have fun. On this occasion, many activities are on the menu, kiosks, food, games and a festive atmosphere are offered on the site of the City Hall and Hammond-Rodgers Park.

The Mille-Isles celebration and environment day, which was scheduled August 8, 2020, has been cancelled due to health regulations related to COVID-19.

Halloween Celebration

But what is hiding in the mysterious forest of the Hammond-Rodgers Park? Will you dare to venture there, at the risk of perhaps not coming out of it completely unscathed?

During this great Halloween party, everything will be done to create a mysterious atmosphere. Don’t worry… monsters only spring up during this event.

The Halloween party, which was scheduled October 31, 2020, has been cancelled due to health regulations related to COVID-19.

Outdoor cinema

The outdoor cinema sessions will take place from July to September 2021.

Kitchen workshops

The kitchen workshops is a group of people who pool their knowledge in order to create economical and appetizing dishes that they take home. It is for all people who would like to get involved individually and collectively in their community. All this is done in a fun and respectful way.

Information coming soon.

Family in Action: Activities for 0 - 5 year olds

Families with young children are invited to take advantage of FREE activities offered by the Maison de la Famille and the Municipality of Mille-Isles.

Here’s the 2021 calendar:

Let’s play with water! Friday, July 16, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, Hammond-Rodgers Park

Upcoming theme Friday, August 27, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, Hammond-Rodgers Park

Upcoming theme Friday, September 24, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, Hammond-Rodgers Park

Upcoming theme Friday, October 29, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, Hammond-Rodgers Park

Upcoming theme Friday, November 26, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, Hammond-Rodgers Park

Upcoming theme Friday, December 10, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, Strong Community Room

To learn more about the activity, click on the theme of the day.

Children must be accompanied by a parent and a reservation is required. Anyone interested is invited to contact Darina Bélanger at 450 438-2958 ext. 2610, by email at or confirm with Carolyne Turcotte.