Municipal taxes

Municipal Council has decided to keep the same number of payments as in 2023. Therefore, most citizens will be able to pay their 2024 taxes in six (6) installments.

First payment: March 1, 2024
Second payment: April 26, 2024
Third instalment: June 21, 2024
Fourth instalment: August 16, 2024
Fifth instalment: October 11, 2024
Sixth instalment: December 6, 2024

The taxpayers of Mille-Isles are invited to give preference to the payment of municipal taxes according to the following methods of payment:

  • By telephone or electronic banking service;
  • By post-dated check sent by mail;
  • By telephone with a credit card;
  • In person at the municipal office.

Note that you can schedule your six payments by filling out the credit card authorization forms and send it by mail to Chrystine Slight, administrative technician at 1262 Mille-Isles Road, Mille-Isles, Quebec J0R 1A0, by email at or by fax at 450-438-6157.

Many financial institutions offer the Internet payment service. You must use the payment reference number that appears on your tax statement, also called the roll number. This one is composed of 16 digits excluding the F and the spaces. However, it is important to follow the instructions given by your financial institution. ATTENTION: The roll number is different for each account received. Each account must be identified by its respective roll number. In addition, it is your responsibility to verify that we have received the payment(s).

NEW OWNER: Please note that the tax statement is sent at the beginning of the year only. Following a real estate transaction, the new property owner will not receive a copy of the previous owner’s yearly municipal taxes nor their statement of account. The new owner must ask the notary for a copy of the current year’s tax statement or ask for the statement at the municipal office. The fact that you have not received a tax bill does not relieve you of the obligation to pay your taxes on time.