The municipality is now a cork recovery site

It is with pleasure that we inform you that the municipality, in partnership with the ReCork Company, is now a cork recovery site (

This company reuses corks to make different objects (shoe soles, yoga blocks and traction plates for surfboards).

This is part of our objective to improve our performance with regards to waste management. Many people don’t know that corks are not accepted in the recycling bin!

This great news aligns perfectly with the MRC d’Argenteuil 3-2-1-0 program, whose overall goal is zero waste.

Therefore, for all those who don’t have plans or don’t know how to give a second life to their corks, they can just drop them in the appropriate box at City Hall.

Finally, a reminder that the municipality is already a recovery site for non-functional, broken or unused pencils, discharged batteries and cellular devices.