Lakes association

Your lake associations hold an annual general meeting, for more information, please contact your lake association.

Association de résidents du Lac des Becs-Scie
President: Odette Côté Weiss
Tel: 450.227.9032 (from May 1st to November 1st)
Annual general meeting: Normally 1st Sunday of June
Association du Lac Daïnava enr.
President: Guy Désy
Annual general meeting: Normally 2nd Sunday of July
Association des résidents du Lac Paul
President: Raymonde Aubin
Annual general meeting: Normally 2nd Saturday of May
Association du Lac David
President: Amelia McKean
Lake Hughes Association
President: Mike Manconi
Tel: 450.562.0329

Though contaminants should be eliminated at the source (use of fertilizers and manure, surface artificialisation, deforestation, industrial disposal, malfunction and poor maintenance of septic installations, use of phosphate-enriched dishwashing detergent), shorelines can play an important role in protecting water from contamination as well as with the protection of fauna and flora habitats.

Well made up and appropriate-width shorelines certainly represent a solution to be favoured in protecting the natural environment.

Efficacité des bandes riveraines : analyse de la documentation scientifique et perspectives (French only)